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This months post is to emphasize that, although Dayco are venturing into new areas and are developing new ranges of machinery, due to our expertise and history with the products, we are still greatly focusing on development, manufacture and support for the DCB Automation range of AOI systems.

Dayco is made up of a core group of ex DCB Automation engineers’ whose expertise includes mechanical, electrical and software design. We provide full support including software and hardware updates for all DCB Automation branded AOI systems as well as selling new systems here in the UK.

Exciting news Dayco have moved premises! We are still situated in an ideal location in the heart of the country allowing us easy and efficient access to companies throughout the UK. Our prime location gives us access to a rich selection of manufacturing partners within the West Midlands. The new factory includes a bespoke demo area showcasing all of our systems. This area can be used to meet with prospective, new and existing customers to view our products and receive training on how to use the systems. We are also keen to allow customers the use of our demo systems for their short term project needs. Within our new unit, we have access to exciting new in-house machinery including capabilities for milling, turning, 3D printing and CNC routing. All of these machines allow for rapid prototyping during the design phase of your project.

If you are interested in visiting, finding out more about our systems or discussing how we can help your company please get in touch!

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Home Page

Dayco have finally published our new website! Here we will keep you up-to-date with our latest ‘Developments’ as well as updates to our services and products. Find information regarding contact details on our ‘Contact Us’ page, as well as how we came about in our ‘About Us’ page. Finally check out our case studies page for testimonials from our previous customers.

Primarily Dayco has focussed on designing and manufacturing the hardware and software associated with automated optical inspection (AOI) systems; we are now looking to expand our portfollio into the wider automation market. We are well equipped to take on new projects and would be eager to assist companies with any design or manufacture requirements. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.